Working Together

If you find yourself sick of a  no-time, no-money, no-pants-fit-me, “where are my keys!” lifestyle, my coaching programs will help.

If you find yourself dreaming of restoring, re-balancing, and re-calibrating your life so that you can build a life you design and love my coaching programs will help.

In all of my coaching programs, no matter the length, my goal is to help you:

  • Re-organize your life, your home, and your daily schedule
  • Re-calibrate and revitalize your health so that you are your best physical you
  • Restore the balance of life and work so that you are living congruently to your Core Values


All of my coaching programs are designed to build onto each other.

My job is to help  you discover which package is right for you – and that’s why my first tough-love, hand-holding session is 100% free for you.  Let’s call it our own special speed date.

30-Day Accelerated Program

During this month together, we will be working one-on-one to identify your top 3 goals, and begin working to make a rapid change within your life.  You will have actionable steps to take to live a more confident, more organized, healthier life in 30 days.

This program includes one 90-minute intensive Skype session, and 4 weekly 30-minute calls to  ensure accountability and additional coaching toward your goals.  This program is entirely online, so whether you’re in the Sunshine State, or the frigid Northeast, you’re covered.

3 Month Mentorship

During our 90 days together, we will dive deeper into your goals and dreams and create an actionable plan to achieve those goals in less time than you ever imagined.  Whether you dream of owning your own business, having a deeper connection with your partner, or being able to balance your checkbook and pay off debt, I’ve got you covered.  We will also be diving into some of those deep issues that are holding you back and we will be demolishing them together.

This program includes one 90-minute intensive Skype session per month, and a 30-minute call each additional week and unlimited email support during the 3-month period to solidify the changes you’ve implemented and provide you with secure skills in the future.  Again, this program can be done in the comfort of your own home or while traveling.

6 Month Comprehensive Transformation

This program is for the movers and the shakers.  During our work together, you will learn skills to be able to crush any goal that you make, and allow for you to live a life that you never even dreamed possible.  We will work to transform every aspect of your life so that you are living a meaningful life that you design.  Once we are done, you will love the life you wake up to every morning.  This includes work in all main areas of your life:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Financial Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health

This program includes one 90-minute intensive Skype session per month, and a 30-minute call each additional week.  You will also have unlimited support via email during the 6-month period to ensure the greatest transformation possible.  And, I know it’s getting redundant, but this program is 100% online and over the phone.  No need for you to move to Minnesota.

My promise to you is that no matter what program you choose, I am with you the entire way.  Some of the steps we take together will seem scary or stupid, but I won’t make you walk a path that I, myself, haven’t traveled on.  

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