Speed Date!

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So, most of the people here are new and may not know anything ’bout me.  So, here’s 10 lesser known facts about me and what makes me tick:

1.  I get extreme anxiety when surrounded by clutter.  I will clean up – even when I’m not at my own house.  That tends to get awkward.

2.  I cannot eat sea food.  I’m not allergic, but I cannot force myself to eat crustaceans of the sea.

3.  I love a clean kitchen.  And, I love to CLEAN a kitchen.

4.  I have straight teeth and have never worn braces.  I also was born with only one wisdom tooth.  Let’s hope my boys carry after their mother in the dentistry department.

5.  I have really great handwriting, but I hold my writing utensil in a VERY STRANGE way.  My Dad still thinks that I should switch it up to the more conventional way.

6.  I still sleep with a blankie every night.  And, yes, I am 32.

7.  Every day, I work to have a closer friendship with God.  It’s not easy for a Type-A girl like me, but He loves me anyway.

8.  I read.  A lot.  Currently running at the pace of about 2-3 books per week.

9.  I love being a wife and a mom, but sometimes I like just being a girl.  Any other wives and moms know what I’m talking about?!

10.  I love love love being a friend.  It’s one of my most favorite things in the world, and thankfully God has blessed me with a lot of them!

So, now I want to hear all about you!  In the comments here or on Facebook, share 10 things that we may not know about you!