This is who I am

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I smoothed out some wrinkles – just so you know. Keepin’ it real. But not so real that I actually put the picture of me up that HAS the wrinkles.

You’re new here?  Okay – let me fill you in so that you aren’t missing out on anything.

So, obviously, my name is Stefanie Hageman.  Duh.  I am a wife – and have been for 9 wonderful years.  And, no, I’m not being sarcastic.  I am a mom – and have been to one degree or two (I have 2 boys) for 7 calm years.  And, yes, I am jerking your chain with that one.  My boys are wonderfully energetic, frustrating, and the best things in life that I have been blessed to help create.  But calm?  Not one tiny bit.


He’s meditating like Master Shifu, but trust me, he’s not calm.

I am a hoarder of books – both the trashy, love story kind, and the “let’s make your life better” self-help kind.  (And currently those cheesy self-help books are my favs.)  I love laughter, sunshine, autumn, and spending time belly-laughing-until-it-hurts with my girlfriends (or friend, because I only really have 1 bestie).

I have blogged in one capacity or another for 6 years.  What started as an online baby book has transformed multiple times until I realized that my true passion and my gift to the world is helping women understand the power they hold and helping them re-create the balance in their lives in order to unleash that unique power.  Now, I blog to give you, my precious reader, tips on how to feel good about yourself, change some things in order to love your life, and insight to offer perspective on love and meaning.

My blog is intended for anyone looking to live a life that they design.  “What the hell does that mean, anyway, Stef?”  Well, I want for you to figure out what matters the most to you, figure out how to highlight it in your life (do more of this and less of that), and feel present and alive each day.  And, before you say that sounds all sorts of “woo-hoo goofy tulip-rainbows-unicorn”, let me explain.  We, as women, assume we need to be “or”.  I’m either a mother OR I’m a career person (and I should feel guilt no matter what my decision is).  We can’t hold feminism ideas and show our sensual or sexy side (and God forbid, have a loving relationship with a man).  We can’t cut coupons and spend $200 at the salon.  We are either enough, or should live our lives in guilt that we haven’t maximized every moment of every day with a permanent smile on our face exclaiming to every person that we pass how blessed we are.

But, to me, you can have “and”.  I believe you should, and you should be proud of all of your “ANDs”.  A mentor of mine, Gina DeVee, says that we need to “Take a stand for and.”  I’m right there with her.  So, to the women, the men, the parents, the entrepreneurs, the friends, sisters, wives, this blog is for you if you need more AND.

In my own personal journey – I became blindingly aware that God designed me for something so much more than I was showing up for.  You see, I was drone-living for so long, which, to be honest scares me.  No child should be raised by a drone.  Those poor boys.  And, no man in his right mind makes out with drones.  They get all drooly and then promptly short out their fuse box.  Not. sexy. at. all.

My own personal project – one that give me so much pride that I could simply burst – is my personal coaching business for people JUST LIKE YOU.  I want to be able to coach you and help you improve your life in ways that you’ve dreamed about, but never thought logistically possible.  I want to work with you to show you that it is possible for you to wake up every morning excited for your day.  And excited like, “Today I leave for a 3-week vacation!”  Not, “Oh, yeah.  I have a 40 minute presentation in front of my boss today.”  Unless you really like public speaking, which, in your case, my coaching business is that exciting.

And, if personal coaching isn’t right for you right now – that’s cool.  What I want for you to understand with each and every blog post is that 1) You are worth investing in, 2) I believe that you have greatness within and I know that God designed a destiny just for you, and 3) Simple steps can help move the needle forward in your own life.  

Now, if you feel like you have no more rope left – because you’ve gotten to the end of it – and you want to talk about working together to unlock your passions, challenges, and create a meaningful life for yourself, I offer a 100% free Discovery session for us to chat.  Check out the Working with Me tab at the top of this page, and give it a good click.

You rock for reading all of this.  I really heart you.