About Me

Hey there!  I’m Stefanie Hageman.

It’s my goal to help you tone down the voices of the outside world and your negative internal voices in order to design a life that you love.

I don’t want for you to ever need to take a vacation.

Why?  Because I want for your every day life to be so extraordinary that you never feel like you need to escape from it.  I want you to run your life with meaning and value instead of your life running you with endless to-do lists, self-doubt, and monotony.

I’m a tough-love-while-holding-your-hand kinda girl.  The one that’s willing to ask the tough questions in order for you to understand the greatness you hold within.

I believe that you have special gifts to give to the world, and it’s my job to help you realize those unique and extraordinary gifts and how to share them with the people that are most precious to you.

I have been part of the masses.  As a working wife and mother of two rambunctious and ambitious boys, I found myself deep in the pit of waking up in the morning, going to work, coming home, going to bed, and starting all over.  It then dawned on me that I needed to make a change for myself in order to keep my sanity, increase my happiness, and be the person that God designed me to be.

I am what you might call an “And Specialist”.  I believe that you CAN have a true balance in your life.  It isn’t about what you have to give up in order to get what you want, it’s about how to balance the relationship between the two.

You see, I believe that you can be:

A successful career woman AND a dedicated mother.

A fit and healthy person AND a gal who loves gluten (once in a while).

An organized planner AND a spontaneous lover of life.

A woman on-the-go AND a girl who has time to relax.

A person thrifty with her pennies AND one who loves to splurge.

A force to be reckoned with AND a gentle soul.

AND you already are all of the things that you want to be – but we need to work together to uncover it!

Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to hold my hand, hear some tough love, and live a happier, more fulfilling life?  Are you ready to engage some of those ANDs in your own life?

Then join me.  Let’s do it together.  I look forward to kicking your to-do list’s ass and designing your best life together.

My Mission Statement:

For women who are sick of living a mediocre lifestyle and ready to embrace their true, God-given gifts, talents and power,

Who wish to obliterate the negative voices, re-ignite the spark of confidence, and become a role-model for your family and community.

My promise to you: I will offer a safe community with unwavering personalized support, and daily advice to help you recognize your true potential, inside and out, while helping you push past boundaries that once confined you.

Together, we will prove that being confident, authentic, and powerful is the ultimate foundation to living out the destiny that God created for you and design a life that you love.

Backed by years of experience helping women maneuver through the landmines of life and finding their voice and my own personal experience doing the same,

I will help you move past personal obstacles and reach goals that once seemed impossible.

Because, we all understand how easy it is to lose sight of dreams in the monotony of life, and I want to live a life with no regrets alongside of you.